Layoffs Rattle British Law Firms—Will U.S. Firms Be Next?

Sara Randazzo The Am Law Daily 01-25-2013 Law firm layoff news ran rampant this week overseas, with Allen & Overy, DLA Piper, and Eversheds all confirming office closures and other structural overhauls affecting lawyers and staff. At Eversheds, up to 166 positions worldwide—made up of 82 lawyers, including partners, as well as 84 staff—could be […]

Oprah Interview Marks Beginning of Armstrong’s Next Legal Battle

Oprah Interview Marks Beginning of Armstrong’s Next Legal Battle Brian Baxter The Am Law Daily 01-18-2013 UPDATE: 1/19/2013, 1:45 p.m. EST. The 33rd and 34th paragraphs of this story have been updated with information gleaned from a Form 990 filing by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Lance Armstrong’s decade-long fight to clear his name of performance-enhancing […]

Evaluating Your Career: Assessing Your Goals

Hello!  I’m Nancy Grimes.  In today’s workplace, we find many people who are unhappy in their current work situations.  There is a smorgasbord of reasons for their unhappiness: the work is not challenging, there’s no room for advancement, the work atmosphere or office culture is not conducive to producing a top work product, they don’t […]

Grimes Sees Firm Mergers as Necessary in 2013

The old saying “two heads are better than one” definitely rings true in the current economy.  After coming out of this recession, firms are looking for ways to capture greater market share.  After intense research and discussions with law firms of all sizes, Nancy Grimes, the lady at the helm for Grimes Legal, Inc., a […]

Top Legal Recruiter Nancy Grimes Says Doing Nothing May be the Biggest Mistake You Could Make this Year

Every day we make decisions; we choose a path…a course of action. Some are simple and take little thought, such as “What should I wear? What should I have for breakfast? Should I take the train or carpool? Should I grab takeout for dinner or make a quick stop at the grocers on the way […]