GLI’s website wins the GOLD!

As many of you have noticed, GLI has renovated its website to better serve our customers.  Besides a fresh new design, the website features new tools that assist professionals in improving their current work conditions, finding and snagging that perfect new opportunity, or submitting job orders for potential searches.  Just this week, our new website was […]

Memorial Day

Our society is solely focused on running-and-gunning and always looking for entertainment, fun and excitement.  The Memorial Day weekend always comes around the same time as the end of the school year, graduations and summer-time fun.  Often what gets kicked to the back burner, or even left out altogether are visits to the cemetery, new […]

Nope, Not Interested.

Recruiters get a bad rap.  Why?  There are those who are only out to get paid.  They push you and try to get you to move, trying to put a square peg in a round hole.  I’m sure that’s why your standard response when you hear the word “recruiter” is “No thanks, I’m not interested.” […]

Forbes Reveals the Top 10 Tips for Dealing with An Overly Demanding Boss

All jobs are demanding at times, and it’s often the boss’s responsibility to get her staff to rise to the occasion–but some bosses go too far by putting excessive pressure on their employees. Don’t take it personally. A demanding boss is focused on delivering results to his or her boss, not on the negative fallout […]

Get Your Inch In

Every day when you wake up, you do the routine; perhaps you grab a cup of coffee, go for a jog, or even watch the morning news.  It is very important that we make goal-setting a part of that daily routine.  Without a clear idea of what it is that you want to accomplish, it […]

In a horse race you can win or lose by a nose!

Top recruitment specialist Nancy Grimes specializes in the little things that make a BIG difference just like in the Run for the Roses: The Kentucky Derby.  Competition in business is non-avoidable; you compete to get that truly spectacular promotion, you compete to build your business, and you compete to beat the clock.  Nancy says that […]