GLI Team Spotlight

GLI Team Spotlight It is well-known that the GLI/GRG recruiters are some of the most talented and effective in the industry. However, what you may not know unless you have worked behind the scenes is that the GLI support team is also bursting with talent. In order to more successfully serve our client and candidate […]

3 Social Media Rules Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Follow

For all the talk about the drawbacks of using social media, it’s hard to imagine a better all-in-one tool for business owners. If used correctly, social media can boost your search engine rankings, allow you to provide better customer service, build an effective online personality, connect with new business partners, foster relationships and educate consumers. The basics of social […]

5 Rules for Texting Anyone You Do Business With

Walk into any boardroom two minutes before a meeting and you’ll find the same scenario: a table full of executives checking their phones with their heads bowed in the “smartphone prayer.” Text messaging is the fastest way to communicate in business. Quicker than email and more convenient than a phone call, it’s become commonplace. But […]

Is it Time to Declare Your Independence From Your Firm?

Is it Time to Declare Independence From Your Firm? When explorers and settlers from Britain moved to “The New World,”  their move was in response to exorbitantly high taxes although their desires and opinions were not represented in Parliament.  However, it would have been nearly impossible to be accurately represented in Parliament because of the […]