Three Words that Should Be Banned: Work-Life Balance

By: Jeena Cho When I lead workshops on reducing stress, anxiety, and increasing productivity, a topic that often comes up is the idea of work-life balance. Often, the participants will express feeling like they’re failing at both work and life. When they’re at work, they often feel as though they should be home, spending time […]

Stop Trying to Hire the Purple Squirrel

In the world of talent recruiting and human resources, there is a creature known as the “purple squirrel” which is the code name for the perfect employee. In the legal profession, the purple squirrel has the right academic pedigree and work experience. She has a solid book of business and a winning track record. She […]

The 7 Gifts of Adopting a Personal-Development Mindset

There is no greater path to success than through your own self-development. Those who are radically successful are immersed in themselves. They are endlessly curious and passionate about self-education. To rank among them, you must invest in yourself so you may manage your actions effectively, regardless of what life places in your path. It is through self-development […]

Adopt This Mindset and Never Be Late Again

By: Gene Marks My friend Claire is great, but she’s never on time. Whenever we agree to meet and she gives me a time, I always figure she’ll be a half hour late. I’m rarely wrong. And there’s always an excuse. A meeting ran on too long. Traffic was terrible. Things got out of hand […]

5 Ways Hiring Veterans Will Bring Incredible Value To Your Business

Hiring is on the rise. According to a recent report in Reuters, June saw the highest level of hiring in a five-month long ever-increasing streak. While the summer is expected to see those numbers stabilize, the bottom line is that it’s a good time for potential employees to seek positions. While the average hiring across […]

6 Remarkably Simple Steps to Becoming a Real Problem-Solver

Adapted from an article by Peter Gasca What is the biggest problem we have in business today? Lack of capital and resources? Uncertain markets and currencies? The pursuit of our next president? I would argue the most significant problem we face today is too many people who find problems. They are called “problem identifiers,” or complainers. Unfortunately, […]