Where Have You Gone HUD-1?

By William M. Aukamp It has been a long time since I last represented banks or borrowers at residential mortgage closings, but one of my colleagues does and the other day I noticed he was carrying a folder as thick as the Manhattan telephone directory used to be back in the days when such directories were […]

Interview with Anita Johnson, a Partner with Litchfield Cavo

By:  Pixie Meredith Anita Johnson’s situation was not ideal for her practice.  Although she had received a lot of calls from recruiters, Nancy Grimes’ voicemail got her attention.  What was different?  Anita felt that Nancy actually reviewed her biography, did her research and was knowledgeable about her practice before she ever attempted to dial her […]

10 Troubling Habits of Unhappy People

By: Travis Bradberry Happiness comes in so many different forms that it can be hard to define. Unhappiness, on the other hand, is easy to identify; you know it when you see it, and you definitely know when it’s taken ahold of you. Unhappiness is lethal to everyone around you, just like second-hand smoke. The […]