Q&A with King & Spalding Attorney, Jim Alford

By: Pixie Meredith Below is a brief Q&A with Jim Alford of King & Spalding.  Jim is a counsel in DC and a member of the King & Spalding Global Transactions practice.  GLI placed Jim in 2015.  GLI:  Give me a one-minute history of your success and how your practice has changed since you have […]

Software to Track Pot?

The First Big Company to Say It’s Serving the Legal Marijuana Trade? Microsoft. By: NATHANIEL POPPER As state after state has legalized marijuana in one way or another, big names in corporate America have stayed away entirely. Marijuana, after all, is still illegal, according to the federal government. But Microsoft is breaking the corporate taboo on […]

Olympics Cracking Down on Cheating

Russia’s Track and Field Team Barred From Rio Olympics By: REBECCA R. RUIZ Russia’s track and field team is barred from competing in the Olympic Games this summer because of a far-reaching doping conspiracy, an extraordinary punishment without precedent in Olympics history. The International Association of Athletics Federations, the governing body for track and field, announced […]

Senate filibuster ends as Democrat claims gun control victory

By:  Warren Murray and agencies Chris Murphy, who led Democrats in holding floor for more than 14 hours, says deal was struck with Republicans for vote on background checks and terror watchlist. A marathon Democratic filibuster in the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre came to an end in the US Senate on Thursday morning […]

How To Build Positive Workplace Relationships

By:  Amanda Haddaway   Building workplace relationships is an important component of being successful in your career. This doesn’t mean you need to be completely extroverted in every situation, but it does mean you need to make an effort to get to know the people with whom you work and learn about what skills and […]