14 Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Every Day

By:  Travis Bradberry Having close access to ultra-successful people can yield some pretty incredible information about who they really are, what makes them tick, and, most importantly, what makes them so successful and productive. “Whenever you see a successful person, you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them.” –Vaibhav Shah […]

How to identify — and survive — a toxic boss

By: Shelley Moench-Kelly I’ve had many bosses in my life, but only two of them have been true mentors who later turned into lifelong friends. The others — all five of them — were toxic. Recognizing a toxic boss isn’t easy. She might actually seem nice at first, but beware: This is just the honeymoon […]

You’ll Love This!!! Hiring Partners Interview War Stories

By: Leigh Jones After sitting through hundreds of interviews with twenty-somethings, these lawyers know what the future of the profession looks like. Often, it’s inspiring. Occasionally, it’s terrifying. Law.com spoke with a hiring partner from K&L Gates and another from Ropes & Gray, in separate interviews. They’ve identified some major blunders made by students over the […]

6 weird ways Olympians prep for competition

By: Leah Samuel Athletes have always had special ways of preparing for, and recovering from, competition.  And elite athletes are no exception. (Witness the cupping craze that’s got Michael Phelps and other Olympians in Rio dotted with circular black and blue marks.) Here’s a rundown of six other ways Olympic competitors hope to get an edge […]

Friday Fun & Interesting Facts — Which is YOUR favorite?

The book, Les Miserables was once banned by the Catholic Church. Leonardo Da Vinci signed his initials on the right eye of the Mona Lisa. Louis XIV of France had a coat with 123 diamond buttons on it. The famous Louvre of France was built in 1190 as a defense against Viking raids. Lord of […]

Getting Comfortable With Uncertainty

By: Jeena Cho  It was almost four years ago when I finally said the words that I was terrified of uttering but desperately needed to be said — you no longer have to be a lawyer. That simple phrase was both liberating, and at the time, felt completely insane. As a Korean-American immigrant, I have achieved the […]

Finding Work-Life Balance Between the Margins

By: Peter Hirst The 40-hour work week is dead. Work-life balance is impossible, and our always-on mentality is exploiting our personal lives. We’ve heard this all before and will continue to hear it from executives across industries and the mediums in which we receive our news. It’s no question that employee stress levels are a major […]