Here’s why ‘cool’ offices don’t always make for a happier workforce / legal recruitment, GLI, happy attorneys

by Cary Cooper, The Conversation Who are Britain’s happiest workers? The people who staff the London office of U.S. travel tech firm Expedia, according to Glassdoor’s annual workplace satisfaction survey. In both 2016 and 2017, Expedia rated highest for employee satisfaction, according to anonymous reviews from current and past workers. Reading this Business Insider profile […]

New Answers To The Gender Bias Challenge In The Workplace /legal recruiting, GLI, law firm dynamics

Post written by Sandi Leyva Sandi Leyva provides cutting-edge leadership, innovation, and marketing training programs based on brain science and positivity research. When we think about gender equality, we probably first think about workplace issues and equal pay. We think about statistics like “7.2% of women are pilots” or “only 24% of women in public accounting are […]

10 Things You Should Never Say to a New Work Colleague…Ever

It would be lovely to think we could say anything and everything to our fellow desk slaves. But let’s get real: the modern office is a labyrinth, and even the best intentions go awry. Whatever your candidate is trying to express, be sure it’s not taken the wrong way. Give them this guide so they […]