Why Won’t The ABA Advocate for Solo & Small Firms On Interests on Tax Reform

This week, businesses of all sizes – from behemoths like Google and Amazon to tiny mom & pops will have their eyes on tax reform, particularly the provisions on tax rates levied corporations and pass-through income from LLCs. Most solo and small firms are small businesses, frequently organized as some type of limited liability companies […]

On the 14th day of Christmas… Happy Roast Chestnuts Day

In the chill of December, there’s one warming treat that is especially popular across the world to keep the cold away. Roasted chestnuts are often seen this time of year being cooked by street vendors, and the earthy, spicy scent is more than enough to get anyone into the Christmas spirit. On the 14th of […]

The First 90 Days: Your Road Map For Success at a New Firm

How to establish rock-solid relationships and catapult yourself to success when you’re the newest team member. Transitioning to a new firm is not easy; it can be overwhelming to learn your role, create new relationships, assimilate into the culture, and impress your partners all at once.  Onboarding programs are tasked with making sure you do […]