Nancy Grimes: Your resume needs to get to the point

Get your resume to the point. Gary Burnison, Contributor   Over the past 20 years, I’ve reviewedthousands of resumes, and despite the vast amount of information available on how to write one, only a shockingly small amount of people do it well. The most impressive resumes concisely and compellingly illustrate one major message: “This is how I made […]

Nancy Grimes has 4 Popular Business Trends to Look Out For in 2020

4 Popular Business Trends to Look Out For in 2020 Choncé Maddox Since societal norms are always evolving, businesses need to keep up with this as well. You’ve probably seen huge companies go out of business or fall out of favor with their customers before. Sometimes it can seem scary since these huge businesses often […]

The Second Amendment

Repeal The Second Amendment? That’s Not So Simple. Here’s What It Would Take RON ELVING “The Second Amendment.” If you’ve lived in America, you’ve heard those words spoken with feeling. The feeling may have been forceful, even vehement. “Why? The Second Amendment, that’s why.”   The same words can be heard uttered in bitterness, as […]

Nancy Grimes: Addressing the Teacher Shortage Problem is a Priority

Addressing the Teacher Shortage Problem MWC’s National Education Team The national teacher shortage is at an all-time high, and lawmakers are looking for solutions on the federal level and in state legislatures across the country. In the 116th Congress, lawmakers have offered several solutions to the teacher shortage problem, such as providing incentives for teachers […]

Top Recruiter Nancy Grimes: Insights into Older and Younger Attorneys and their Practices

Older Attorneys And Younger Lawyers Practice Law Very Differently Veteran attorneys are usually more rigid in how they approach the practice of law, while younger attorneys typically embrace flexibility. By JORDAN ROTHMAN This column has already discussed how there is a generational divide in the practice of law.  Some veteran lawyers do not understand what it’s like […]

Top Recruiter Nancy Grimes Says: Pay Your Clerks More

Why Solo Practitioners And Small Firms Should Pay More To Their Student Law Clerks Just because you can pay a small wage to a law student, does it mean that you should? By STEVEN CHUNG (Image via Getty) A solo practitioner in a lawyers group asked what is a fair wage to pay a law clerk […]

The Nancy Grimes Simple Rules of Doing More with Less

Today as a nation we are smarter in using energy and improving efficiencies because we have to be. By an example, it is documented that we can now deliver over 40% of greenhouse gas emissions reductions needed to meet global climate goals because we have improved energy efficiencies! If that is the case with energy […]

Top Recruiter Nancy Grimes Knows the Importance of Preparation

Presentation skills for lawyers: rehearse now, present effectively later By Luan de Burgh  Once asked about how he prepared for a film role, Daniel Day-Lewis replied, “I don’t rehearse at all in film if I can help it. In talking a character through, you define it. And if you define it, you kill it dead.” On […]

Nancy Says: Dress Code Matters to the Millennials

How to Attract and Retain Millennials With the Right Dress Code As Millennials continue to surge into the workplace, no individual or industry is safe from the changing tides of office formality. By Ryan Jenkins GETTY IMAGES Today, 50 percent of managers say employees dress less formal than they did five years ago. And 58 percent of employees say they […]

Nancy Grimes, Top Recruiter, with News of a Law Firm Trend

As an increasing number of firms seek to provide non-legal advisory services, Dentons has established a risk consulting group outside of the US. Read the press release below. Dentons has launched a risk consulting business to provide advisory, assurance and remediation services across the regulatory, operational, conduct and enterprise risk agendas in a cost effective and client-focussed way. […]