Nancy Grimes, Top Recruiter, with News of a Law Firm Trend

As an increasing number of firms seek to provide non-legal advisory services, Dentons has established a risk consulting group outside of the US. Read the press release below. Dentons has launched a risk consulting business to provide advisory, assurance and remediation services across the regulatory, operational, conduct and enterprise risk agendas in a cost effective and client-focussed way. […]

Nancy Grimes is already looking to 2020 and what it means for Startups

The 2020s Are Almost Here: What Will This Highly Anticipated Decade Bring For Startups? Bijan Khosravi GETTY In last 20 years the entire economy has changed significantly. E-commerce, mobility, social media, and the sharing economy have all created mega technology companies—and changed the way we all live. Imagine a world without Google, smart phones, social […]

Nancy Grimes is excited for the digital healthcare future

9 health technologies every executive should be excited about in 2019 Michael Reddy There’s never been a more exciting time to be in the digital healthcare space than right now. With the explosion of content capabilities, endless social opportunities and underpriced attention in so many platforms – there’s a huge amount to be excited about. […]

Nancy Grimes Continues Earth Day: Global Inequality Compounded by Climate Change

Inequality is decreasing between countries—but climate change is slowing progress Forecasts have painted a difficult picture for the future. But one new study argues that climate change has already imposed an economic penalty on many countries. BY ALEJANDRA BORUNDA SCIENTISTS HAVE KNOWN for decades that climate change is reshaping the physical face of the planet. But according […]

Nancy Grimes Believes Every Day is Earth Day

Nancy Grimes Knows: Professional Services Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Firms are beginning to hire Executives who can run the business side of things and with planning and forecasting there is more predictability and it is helping drive profits. Professional Services Trends To Look Out For In 2019 Understanding how professional services businesses should evolve with the changing landscape in 2019 By Raj Narayanaswamy, Co-founder […]

Midwest Floods of 2019—The Latest Disaster with Lessons

The flood that we hear most about is of those who are coming across our southern border but there is a real emergency and real damages and we need to do more than just put a finger in the dike! In the wake of an intense winter storm, historic floods have broken out across the […]

Nancy Grimes, Top Legal Recruiter, is Looking Forward to Spring!

6 Unique Spring Festivals Around the World CELEBRATE THE SPRING EQUINOX   Ah, springtime is about here! And we’re excited about shedding our winter layers for the warm weather ahead and traveling for those long-awaited spring getaways. Check out our list of fun spring festivals and events to ring in the new season right. And even if […]

Nancy Grimes has 5 Tips for Going Green in 2019

5 Tips for Going Green in 2019 by Jared Brox Although the world’s brightest scientific minds are steadily working to get there, a viable option for settling Mars is still just beyond our grasp. So, in the meantime, it’s important to focus on taking care of the planet we already have.Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of […]

Need Help Networking? 4 Rules to Remember

By:  Jeff Shuey Everyone talks about networking. But who is doing it right? Is there a right way to network? Networking Just to Network Does Not Make Sense. This is the title of an article I wrote for Entrepreneur. The point of the post was that when you network you should have a reason and a purpose. Everyone can benefit from a strong […]