Nancy Grimes: Add some cute to your Thursday with Narwhal the unicorn puppy

Add Some Cute to your Thursday Meet Narwhal, the “unicorn” puppy born with a tail on his head. He is up for adoption through Mac’s Mission, an animal rescue organization in Missouri focused on helping homeless animals.  

Top Recruiter Nancy Grimes Says: Pay Your Clerks More

Why Solo Practitioners And Small Firms Should Pay More To Their Student Law Clerks Just because you can pay a small wage to a law student, does it mean that you should? By STEVEN CHUNG (Image via Getty) A solo practitioner in a lawyers group asked what is a fair wage to pay a law clerk […]

The Nancy Grimes Simple Rules of Doing More with Less

Today as a nation we are smarter in using energy and improving efficiencies because we have to be. By an example, it is documented that we can now deliver over 40% of greenhouse gas emissions reductions needed to meet global climate goals because we have improved energy efficiencies! If that is the case with energy […]

Nancy Says: Dress Code Matters to the Millennials

How to Attract and Retain Millennials With the Right Dress Code As Millennials continue to surge into the workplace, no individual or industry is safe from the changing tides of office formality. By Ryan Jenkins GETTY IMAGES Today, 50 percent of managers say employees dress less formal than they did five years ago. And 58 percent of employees say they […]

Nancy Grimes and GLI with Legal Policies for Workplace Dress Codes

Nancy Grimes Knows the Legal Policies for Workplace Dress Codes Filed under Office & HR The authority to set dress codes belongs to you. However, employers need to be especially careful that dress code requirements do not run afoul of anti-discrimination laws. The manner of dress in workplaces can vary from uniforms to suits and everything […]

Nancy Grimes, Top Legal Recruiter, has a New Jersey HR Opportunity

I.          IDENTIFICATION Position Title:  Director of Human Resources and Facilities Department:     Human Resources/Facilities Reports To:       Managing Director      FLSA Status:             Exempt II.        POSITION SUMMARY The Director of Human Resources and Facilities will be a senior advisor to the Managing Director in the areas of Employee Relations, HR compliance, and Facilities management.  […]

Nancy Grimes Has Recruited Some Surreal US Vacation Spots

25 of the Most Surreal Places to Visit in the US in 2019 We’ve seen some amazing natural wonders around the world. It turns out there are more than enough surreal places for you to check out for yourself in the United States. Don’t believe me? Well, just feast your eyes on these incredible places […]

Summer is Coming: Top Recruiter Nancy Grimes with Mid-Year Motivation

Summer is coming. Vitamin D and the physiological need for fresh-ish air. The most focused among us begin to resist indoor endeavors. How do we continue to bring our A Game? How do we motivate our team to put their brain power behind the work at hand? How do we remind ourselves to work hard […]

Top Legal Recruiter, Nancy Grimes, with a New York Opportunity

New York Opportunity An historic and highly respected law firm seeks a successor for their Real Estate Finance practice. You need a minimum of 4 to 5 years’ experience representing borrowers/lenders in Development Transactions. This is your opportunity for: Experience Rapport with clients Working with senior attorneys Potential to inherit business We are a firm […]