The Second Amendment

Repeal The Second Amendment? That’s Not So Simple. Here’s What It Would Take RON ELVING “The Second Amendment.” If you’ve lived in America, you’ve heard those words spoken with feeling. The feeling may have been forceful, even vehement. “Why? The Second Amendment, that’s why.”   The same words can be heard uttered in bitterness, as […]

Top Legal Recruiter, Nancy Grimes, with a New York Opportunity

New York Opportunity An historic and highly respected law firm seeks a successor for their Real Estate Finance practice. You need a minimum of 4 to 5 years’ experience representing borrowers/lenders in Development Transactions. This is your opportunity for: Experience Rapport with clients Working with senior attorneys Potential to inherit business We are a firm […]

Nancy Grimes has 5 Tips for Going Green in 2019

5 Tips for Going Green in 2019 by Jared Brox Although the world’s brightest scientific minds are steadily working to get there, a viable option for settling Mars is still just beyond our grasp. So, in the meantime, it’s important to focus on taking care of the planet we already have.Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of […]

Nancy Grimes, top legal recruiter, has some science about New Year’s Resolutions

Science explains why productivity hacks and resolutions are practically destined to fail Spoiler alert: Very few of them actually work. Here’s why. [Photo: M. Plt/Unsplash] BY TOMAS CHAMORRO-PREMUZIC As we approach the new year, the inevitable flurry of self-management tips beckons. It’s a pity that they are so hard to implement, but this actually explains their proliferation. […]

The Best and The Worst States for Retirement

Do you plan to “retire in place” and stay in your current area, or are you interested in retiring in a different state? In either case, you may want to consult a recent study by WalletHub if retirement is imminent. The study ranked all 50 states using 41 statistical metrics that were weighted and grouped into three […]