Nancy Grimes and GLI with Legal Policies for Workplace Dress Codes

Nancy Grimes Knows the Legal Policies for Workplace Dress Codes Filed under Office & HR The authority to set dress codes belongs to you. However, employers need to be especially careful that dress code requirements do not run afoul of anti-discrimination laws. The manner of dress in workplaces can vary from uniforms to suits and everything […]

New Answers To The Gender Bias Challenge In The Workplace /legal recruiting, GLI, law firm dynamics

Post written by Sandi Leyva Sandi Leyva provides cutting-edge leadership, innovation, and marketing training programs based on brain science and positivity research. When we think about gender equality, we probably first think about workplace issues and equal pay. We think about statistics like “7.2% of women are pilots” or “only 24% of women in public accounting are […]