Nancy Grimes, Top Legal Recruiter, Knows: Emerging Tech Trends to Enhance Your Legal Practice in 2019

Emerging Tech Trends to Enhance Your Legal Practice in 2019 By Erika Winston      The year is almost over and with the emergence of 2019 comes a host of new and upgraded tech trends that can add substantial value to your law firm. Tech firms across the country are releasing their lists of top tech […]

Will our memories be lost to the ‘digital dark age’?

Scientists warn we may be creating a ‘digital dark age’ Writer Adam Wernick You may think that those photos on Facebook or all your tweets may last forever, or might even come back to haunt you, depending on what you have out there. But, in reality, much of our digital information is at risk of disappearing […]

The best ‘smart’ luggage

1. Bluesmart One ($449) This pioneering carry-on “performs on all fronts,” says Grant Martin at Travel + Leisure. Using a smartphone, you can lock it remotely or pinpoint its GPS coordinates. Its handle doubles as a digital scale, helping you avoid overage fees, and its battery can charge an iPhone six times. Buy it at […]

Black Friday Shopping Online? Data Says These 10 Sites Will Make It Painless

Clare O’Connor, Forbes Staff 11/21/2013 @ 11:14AM   BlackFriday hysteria sets in outside a Target. For every intrepid bargain hunter willing to sleep in a frosty tent outside a Best Buy for a slightly cheaper TV, there’s a horrified homebody who’d rather wait out Black Friday altogether — or maybe spend it online. If your […]

5 Scary Mistakes to Avoid on Facebook

Most small-business owners know they need to be on Facebook, but it’s not always as simple as it sounds. A Facebook page requires not only hard work to achieve social media goals, but also care to avoid making a blunder that could hurt a company’s reputation, among other scary consequences. Here are five mistakes to […]