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What Does it Take to Build a Book of Business?

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April 24, 2012



There is no doubt about it. For attorneys, business is a necessary key to success. It means independence, autonomy and, even more importantly, security in these uncertain times. According to the golden rule, the one that has the gold makes the rules. While that credo rings just as true for men and women, female attorneys have traditionally had a tricky time attracting a robust stable of clients. These days successful, client-laden female attorneys are hardly an endangered species. That said, the legal profession could certainly use some more.

Become An Expert

One proven strategy for success is to develop an expertise. In other words, become the “go-to” in your field. This bit of advice is personified by Katherine Keefe, a leading health care attorney who dispenses advice to hospitals and health care providers on a daily basis. For Keefe, the story began in law school, when she took a part-time job in the legal department of a major Philadelphia hospital. She quickly realized that health care was a great fit and one that she has subsequently built her career around. It should come as no surprise then that with the state of health care and health care law in constant flux, Keefe’s skills are in regular demand.

Keefe honed her expertise as an in-house attorney at major managed care providers and then made the transition to law firm life, taking with her a healthy book of business. “Health care presents constant challenges,” explained Keefe, which means she is always tracking the latest changes in what is already a highly complex field. When it comes to further enhancing her reputation, Keefe said she hits the speaking circuit and tries to “put herself out there” as a credible source to help potential clients navigate an ever-shifting landscape.    More






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