How safe is your job?

If you think layoffs are just for factory workers you haven’t been reading the legal news lately.  Firms large and small are laying off associates left and right, and it’s not just under producing associates.  If your firm has gone through a round of layoffs, or if you think they are headed in that direction, maybe it’s time for a change.

It is not disloyal to leave a firm in trouble.  Your first duty is to yourself and to your family.  If you think your firm will stick by you no matter how bad things get, you’re fooling yourself.  Give the senior partners a choice between selling their beach houses or laying you off and you’re gone.

Maybe you’re staying because, while not your ideal position, it’s comfortable.  Being in your comfort zone is the sign of a stalled career.  No one ever advanced in life by staying in their comfort zone.  Think about your most satisfying personal and professional accomplishments.  There were many times of fear and uncertainty leading up to those accomplishments weren’t there?

Look ahead two to three years.  What’s in your future if you stay where you are?  What could be in your future if you move?

One thing is for sure, if you do not take action to change your career the change you may experience will not be a positive one.


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